Has Your Website Been Found?

A website is one of the most important things for a business to have. Unfortunately, a website is the thing many businesses overlook. Business owners actually think that by having a website, people will naturally flow to it and then they will get customers. This could be farther from the true. Having a website is essential, but knowing how to promote that website and get a flow of traffic to it is a whole other thing.

Business owners with websites always wonder why their website isn’t bringing in good leads and customers. The sad truth is that websites are visited by very few people. It is people that are on the search engines that are looking for businesses that could bump into your website. There are many ways to influence the search results to get your business up on the top of the search engines where possibly, hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people are watching.

There is a little test that business owners with a website can see if people are able to find their websites with the proper keyword. Go to one of your favorite search engines and type in a key term that describes your business.

(for example if you run a Pizza Company in Chandler Arizona then type the word that people are most likely to type in when searching for your business.) Such as  (“Chandler Arizona Pizza”) or (“Pizza Chandler Arizona”) if your business does not show in the first page of results then your website is not properly optimized and you may never show up in the front page of that particular search engine. Optimizing your search presence is called Search Engine Optimization OR SEO.

Since many people do not know SEO they may easily get lost in the fray of the business website world. Here are a few tips to help get you started on this. Search Engine Optimization is one of the many mysteries of the Internet Marketing world, mainly because it changes so much. There are however some things that you can use to optimize your website effectively that have worked and will continue to work for a long time.

The first thing that you must learn to do is get people to provide you with Something called backlinks.

Why Your Business Hasn’t Been Noticed Yet!

It is often that business owners wonder… Why am I not getting customers? Why are people not breaking down my door to buy my products? Well the answer is quite simple. You are not getting noticed. With the ever changing tides of business, business owners must learn to adapt to new marketing, and cutting edge technologies. Your online visibility plays a huge role in your business, in this day and age.


It used to be different, you used to be able to advertise on news, print, radio, flyers, business cards and in different traditional advertising mediums.