Our start…

In 2006 Woozia was born. Starting as a tiny web design company aimed at helping small businesses get their websites noticed. It grew to encompass so much more than just a simple web design company. As the internet grew so did Woozia and eventually led our company to evolve in its purpose. The size of the internet is vast and therefore has many elements, but the main purpose of our company is to help businesses small, medium and large, grow a strong web presence. It is our mission to help your business get noticed.


Our Experience…

Woozia has helped countless businesses world wide to strategize, build, increase and maintain a business’s web presence. We pride ourselves in our ability to rapidly create an online identity for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and in all different scopes. We work in a variety of industries ranging from restaurants, movie theaters, online marketing products, to insurance companies, freelancers, & corporations. Regardless what your business is, we have a solution for you!

One Size Does Not Fit All…

We’re different from the competition! We are actually very meticulous in our planning stages so that when the time comes, your business can have the best impact on the marketplace! In an increasingly connected world it is much more important than ever before, to have a strong web presence. The fact is that if your company is not on the internet, then it isn’t noticeable. If your competition is, then your customers will find them first.

How Woozia’s Services Work…

At Woozia Marketing we work in phases, every phase represents exactly what we do in order to keep our clients informed and updated on the different stages of our work.

Phase 1 – Planning: This is the phase where the magic happens, this phase takes the most amount of time. In this phase we research your specific business needs and industry. This is where we begin the process of competition analysis and researching exactly what angle we can enter your specific online market in and make the most impact. We don’t just use the same strategies for every business, because “one size does not fit all!” We know that every single business is individual and unique and as such each has it’s own set of challenges and assets. That’s why in this phase we really take the time to understand the mechanics of your business in order to individualize the impact we make in the marketplace.

Phase 2 – Implement: Once the plan is ready to implement we begin immediately to put it into action. Every piece of content that is released into the web is targeted to your businesses specific market and optimized to allow your customer to take action. This is when we get into the nitty gritty, we begin to craft your message and your brand online. Your online message should be congruent with your offline message thus creating

Phase 3 –  Build: Depending on how well your business is already known we focus on increasing your exposure by placing you in front of your audience. To do this we use Social Media as our main vehicle to deliver your message to your target customer. We use a combination of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google +, and other relevant social networks in order to put your brand in front of your new perspective customers, and existing customers. We create engagement with your customers so that you can constantly stay in their minds. This allows your business to create an effective relationship with your customers. This helps keep them coming back.

Phase 4 – Measure: We measure and track everything we do to make absolutely sure that everything is getting the most exposure that it can and that your business is getting the attention it deserves from your customers. We use all of the metrics and statistics we get back to fine tune and to create a better web presence for all of our clients.

Phase 5 – Rinse and Repeat: Once we discover what works best in your business we repeat the process to get you proven results.


What we offer…

As stated above we do not have a general cookie cutter approach to what we offer. We do however have a mission and that is to help businesses increase their bottom line by using Internet Marketing Strategies to build their web presence and get them more customers. We do this by using Social Media, Web Reputation Management techniques and a proven system that gets them on their customers radar.


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